11 May 2016

There are a number of descriptors that come to mind when one thinks of Olivia Wilde — she’s an actress, a producer, a mother, a partner and she even has producing and directing credits to her name. So it took us by surprise when the accomplished lady revealed she has yet another job on the side: “occasional Uber driver” — this according to a Q&A that Olivia completed for new minimalist clothing brand La Ligne as part of their ongoing portrait series. Under the “byline” section, Wilde follows her role of “diaper-changer” with her apparent side job as a chauffeur for the popular app. We’re guessing the reference is (sadly) a joke, but hey, we’ve seen stranger things in Hollywood, so you never know — the Vinyl actress might just be picking you up in the near future. The rest of the Q&A makes the most out of the “line” pun, eliciting answers to her “lifeline” (2-year-old son Otis Sudeikis) and her “line to live by” (“Don’t worry no one saw that.”)

The accompanying portraits see Olivia wearing La Ligne’s Grand Prix jumpsuit ($475), a piece that mixes the brand’s French-inspired aesthetic with its signature — you guessed it — lines. Founded by two former Vogue editors and a Rag & Bone alum, La Ligne already has a Hollywood fan base which includes Mindy Kaling and Dianna Agron.

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