Olivia on Ellen [Photos + Video]

Olivia stopped by The Ellen Show on March 12, 2019 to cut Jason Sudeikis’ hair. We added 5 high quality photos from the appearance to the photogallery, take a look! Also, watch the video in the link below.

Olivia, you are so lucky Jason Sudeikis loves you! The funny couple sat down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the host had a mischievous plan and two pairs of scissors hiding behind the set. Jason explained that the last time he was on the show in October, he was growing his hair out for a movie that still hadn’t filmed yet, so Ellen and Olivia gave him no choice but to hop in the barber’s chair and fall victim to their scissors. Last month, Ellen shaved off Julian Edelman’s beard, and it turned out great, so this had to end the same way, right? Well, let’s just say Olivia is a savage with a pair of scissors in her hand. As she and Ellen snipped away at his hair like it was “a bonsai tree,” Jason appropriately feared the worst. I mean, if someone cutting my hair said, “Do you like the idea of a mullet?,” I’d pretty much flee the scene. Considering Jason said, “I keep hearing gasps,” we’re surprised by how it actually turned out! Watch the hilarious video above, and note to self: if you ever see Olivia with a pair of scissors, politely back away.

Watch the interview

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