13 March 2018
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Olivia’s beautiful pup Paco passed away one day ago and it hit us, not only because we have a doggie as well and love dogs and animals in general but also because Olivia talked about him being a cool doggie ever since he was a puppy when we became her fans years ago. We sort of always knew he was there by her side and that he was her best buddy… who was so special and charming that he even modeled for Old Navy. The pain of losing a loved one is indescribable and we can only hope she will focus on the positive things he has brought to this world. Keep on being your awesome self Paco, wherever you are.

Lost my best friend last night. Paco was a kind, wise, gentle, loving soul. I could post a thousand photos of so many adventures. These pics remind me of how peaceful he made me. My heart feels broken right now. All I can ask is that you consider adopting a pup, and loving them with all you’ve got. Here’s to all the incredible friends of Paco who’ve been so kind to him over the years. I am forever grateful.

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