5 January 2018
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New beautiful outtakes from the 2017 New York Times Photoshoot by I Tiner guys! I guess this was the last photoshoot of last year! She looks simply gorgeous in these! Love how she does her make-up lately, less is more! Check out the new 17 good quality photos in the Photogallery. Gallery Links: Photoshoots > Pictorials & Portraits > 2017 I Tiner

3 January 2018

New interview of Olivia by Bee Shapiro and portrait by I Tiner for The New York Times! Read the interview below and take a look at the high quality photo by clicking on it! Olivia Wilde, 33, is known for her work as an actress, but these days she is trying on multiple roles. Recently she was the executive producer of “Fear Us Women,” a documentary that follows a volunteer

18 December 2017

Olivia got coffee with Coveteour in Brooklyn to talk about politics and beauty. She was also photographed by J. Rosenberg for the occasion. We added 15 high quality photos to the gallery. She looks gorgeous in them, check them out and read the article below! When I meet Olivia Wilde in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, I find her in a big bay window seat at one of her favorite local spots,

19 November 2017
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Last update for the day folks! Sorry for the late updates, we were on a vacation exactly when Olivia got busy lol We added three new different photoshoots/portraits of Olivia. She did the first one with photographer E. Schmidt during the Through Her Lens event, the second one with M. Pont during the Build Presents ‘Fear Us Women’ event and the third one with T. Newton for Into The Gloss. She

26 September 2017

Olivia is featured on the September 20 2017 issue of The Hollywood Reporter alongside Rosie Assoulin. We added 5 new photos from the photoshoot by D Needleman. We also added the digital scans and screencaps from the backstage video. She looks super beautiful, so stunning! They’re all in the photogallery so take a look! Watch the video Gallery Links: Photoshoots > Pictorials & Portraits > 2017 D Needleman Magazine Scans

14 June 2017
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Olivia did a portrait session by photographer L Fang during the 2017 Tony Awards after party held at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. The photos are beautiful and super high quality so check them out. Gallery Links: Phototoshoots > Pictorials & Portraits > 2017 L Fang

22 May 2017
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Olivia was photographed with Tom Sturridge and Reed Birney by A Corbijn for the June 2017 issue of Vogue. We added a high quality photo to the photogallery.  1984 tells the story of Winston Smith, a furtive rebel-in-waiting living under the perpetually militaristic thumb of a despotic government led by the all-seeing Big Brother. Wilde plays Julia, a woman who joins Winston in his quiet resistance to the Party, and Birney