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Olivia was photographed arriving at the Hudson Theatre with Tom Sturridge on May 25, 2017 in New York City. She looks beautiful, love her look! We added high quality photos to the photogallery.

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Olivia was photographed taking a stroll before taking the subway on May 24, 2017 in New York City. She looks really awesome, we’re really digging the new hair! We added some photos to the photogallery.

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Both of Olivia Wilde’s parents were Washington, D.C., journalists, so it should be no surprise that the actress is passionate about her politics, even when it comes to the politics of “natural” beauty. After being the face of Revlon, Wilde’s newest gig is being chief brand activist for True Botanicals, a “natural” beauty line that Unilever acquired a minority stake in last month. The Cut talked to Wilde and Christina Mace-Turner and Hillary Peterson, True Botanicals’ co-founders, about how politics affects “natural” beauty regulation, its surprising clinical results compared to La Mer, and the “shit” she got about her #NoMelaniaHair hashtag.

So you were with Revlon for many years and now you’re the chief brand activist of True Botanicals. How did that happen?

OW: I’m very proud of that title. It means my partnership goes beyond just being the face, in being a partner and telling the story in different creative ways. I’m looking forward to helping consumers understand not only the products themselves and the experience in using them, but how they’re made, the supply chain, the ingredients, down to the packaging. If you’re the face of the brand, it’s not really even asked of you. They don’t expect you to have an interest in any of those things. It’s an entirely different experience.

With Revlon, it wasn’t jumping ship from one to the other. My relationship with Revlon ended in an organic, peaceful way. It was a fascinating experience to be part of a large brand. I learned a lot about the beauty industry through it. There was that space in between where I thought, I don’t know if I will do anything like that again. I was even interested in creating something myself. I thought I was going to have to create a True Botanicals.

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Olivia was photographed looking fabulous while walking in the rain on May 22, 2017 in New York City. She’s wearing a swan print top by Victoria Beckham , red pants by Adeam, and a Tiffany HardWear Graduated Link necklace (in case you were wondering exactly what she was wearing). She looks so beautiful, love her new haircut. We added some photos to the photogallery.

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Olivia Wilde is an avenging angel in The Hollywood Reporter‘s first-look image of A Vigilante. The Rush actress stars as Sadie, a woman who helps victims seeking revenge against their domestic abusers, in Sarah Daggar-Nickson‘s thriller, which also features Tonye Patano and Betsy Aidem. Daggar-Nickson also wrote the screenplay.

A once abused woman, Sadie (Olivia Wilde), hardens herself mentally and physically through intense practice of self-defense and combat techniques, and blossoms into a ruthless vigilante with a mission to help other abused women. And not by running a shelter or helping them move – by quietly getting rid of their attackers. Meanwhile, she has another personal agenda, hunting down her husband to get revenge.

Produced by Andrew D. Corkin, Lars Knudsen, Ambyr Childers, Olivia Wilde and Allison Carter, the film is being sold at Cannes internationally by Highland Film Group. WME Global is handling domestic rights.

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Olivia was photographed with Tom Sturridge and Reed Birney by A Corbijn for the June 2017 issue of Vogue. We added a high quality photo to the photogallery. 

1984 tells the story of Winston Smith, a furtive rebel-in-waiting living under the perpetually militaristic thumb of a despotic government led by the all-seeing Big Brother. Wilde plays Julia, a woman who joins Winston in his quiet resistance to the Party, and Birney will play O’Brien, a senior ministry official and colleague of Winston’s who keeps a watchful eye on him.

While 1984 will mark Wilde’s debut, it marks the second Broadway credit for Sturridge, who received a Tony nomination for his debut performance in 2013’s Orphans. Broadway veteran Birney, on the other hand, joins 1984 fresh off his Tony win for his role in 2016’s critically acclaimed play The Humans.

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Judging by Olivia Wilde’s Instagram, the actress is not afraid to speak up for causes she supports — within the last few months, the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood and the International Women’s March have all been mentioned in her feed.

Wilde has signed with True Botanicals as its chief brand activist, WWD has learned. She is the Mill Valley, Calif.-based brand’s first official celebrity endorsement, and the first prominent celebrity signing of a natural skin-care line in the beauty industry. The chief brand activist role — which Wilde and the business partners running the direct-sell luxury skin-care line are quick to say is more like that of a salaried employee in lieu of a traditional ambassadorship — was created specifically for her.

For Wilde, the role is a far cry from her contract with Revlon, where she was signed as a face from 2011 to the end of last year. The move from representing mass brand to niche natural is just the latest sign of the continuing shift in the consumer drive toward wellness-oriented, better-for-you products. But even True Botanicals isn’t so niche anymore — in March, Unilever Ventures acquired a minority stake in the company as part of a $3 million round of seed funding. Wilde is planning on playing an active role in promoting the brand via her social media channels, as well as working on projects with the True Botanicals team.

“She’s the spark,”said Christina Mace-Turner, chief executive officer of True Botanicals. “We’re part of a growing number of businesses thinking about sustainable practices and changing the norms in our industry. Olivia completely got what we were doing and it felt like a very natural partnership.”

Of her new title, “We sort of made it up,” said Wilde. “I’m thrilled to be part of the company as an advocate and help spread the word about the important mission they’re on, whether it’s talking to consumers and vouching for it personally, testifying before congress, learning about the research behind the need for these [nontoxic] products, learning about clinical trials, [or becoming involved in the actual [product development]. I’m really eager to learn more about what consumers are looking for.”

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